Summer Time Family Sports

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Summer Time Family Sports


As summer comes around many families are looking for outdoor sports to keep themselves active and outside during the good weather. Some different recreational activities perfect during the summer time include Stand-up Paddle Boarding, Kayaking, Horseback Riding and Volleyball. Each of these sports has a different amount of effort involved, but all are great for first-time learners or experienced athletes.

Stand-up Paddle Boarding


Stand-up Paddle Boarding is a simple water sport that has entered almost all lake towns and seaside areas. This outdoor activity only requires water, a paddle board with a paddle, and all of your family decked out in swimsuits. Since many ocean or lake vacation areas now offer paddle boards for rent it is not essential that you have your own equipment. However, if you are not interested in renting an inflatable stand up paddle board can be purchased for around $500 to keep for many summers to come.

Stand-up Paddle Boarding is fairly simple since all the instructions are in the name. All you do is push the board into the water, pull yourself onto the board, and then stand up slowly keeping your feet shoulder length apart. Once standing, one moves by using the paddle to push themselves through the water. What ultimately makes this activity great for families is the fact the board is very broad so parents can bring small children with them (sitting at the front of the board) and this activity is very slow. Parents can watch their older children from the beach as they paddle off by themselves since they cannot roam far and it can be used in shallow waters. Overall, this activity offers families versatility with how they use the boards; from multiple board water excursions or a single board being shared throughout the day.



Another great water sport during the summer is kayaking. This family sport is perfect for those who love the ocean or lakes since parents can plop children between their legs as they sit in the kayak and paddle out. The two-sided paddles allow users to easily splash companions in other nearby kayaks to enhance the fun. Kayaks can also be rented at most water vacation areas, making them easy to be accessed at all water spots. Kayak rentals are generally more expensive than Stand-up Paddle Boards but due to their sturdier frames kayaks can be taken into deeper ocean waters. Their versatility for both shallow and deep excursions make them great for the most adventurous families.

Horseback Riding

8675872754_e3ea1848a6_zFor a unique family memory, for animal-loving families, horse-back riding is a must. Trail rides can be found close to most suburban areas or vacation destinations, and equestrian barns usually offer rides of varying difficulties and lengths. Families with very small children can even place their youngsters on their own horses with helmets to ensure safety. These trail rides are very memorable, especially if you are in a frequented vacation destination since some rides can incorporate beaches, river crossings, or spectacular views from the top of mountains. Some equestrian barns even house larger horses to allow for carriage rides, instead of the typical saddle rides. Carriage rides are the perfect family event since the children can usually sit up front with the driver of the carriage and experience “driving” the horses for themselves.


2689908205_74c315923b_mFor families on a budget or just looking for consistent family fun all summer long Volleyball should be the go-to sport. Head to a local grocery store or all-encompassing department store (such as Walmart or Target) and pick up a net and a volleyball. Once purchased families can take their new sports kit to the beach, on vacation camping, or set it up in the backyard for all the time fun. The easy set up makes this sport very accessible and great to set up or take down when need be. Since Volleyball requires teams it is perfect for families of any size to either play a traditional game or just to try to hit the ball across the net in any haphazard way: in fact the less rules the more fun.

Overall, Stand-up Paddle Boarding, Kayaking, Horse-back Riding, or Volleyball are all great sports for families during the summer. Each of these sports offers a unique experience and are so versatile in usage any family could enjoy all they have to offer.

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How to go on long bike rides

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How to go on long bike rides

The summer is here, and some people are just not attracted to the sea; they wish to do something else with their time, and that thing is cycling. Cycling can be extremely fun, and if you do it the proper way, you can have a great time doing it. But, in order for you to take nice and fun bike rides, there is a set of rules you need to follow, and we are going to introduce them to you.

1 – Get a good bike and some equipment

Before you venture on a long bike ride, you will need to get a good bike; because that is the most important thing here. A good bike could save your life, and before starting your trip, you will need to inspect it, even if it is brand new. This will help you make sure that your cycle is reliable and durable, which is extremely important if you’re cycling through some rough terrain. Also, you should bring some bike equipment with you, such as a pump, an extra saddle, helmet, cycling gloves, pads, a backpack, and water.

2 – Bring some fruit with you

If you’ve got your backpack with you, than you can put almost anything in it. The most important thing is water, but you should also put some food there. Make sure you bring some fruit with you, because it gives you a lot of energy; plus it ex great for you and extremely tasty.

tipoa-bristol-airport-road-map3 – Map your ride

Before you go out on this long ride, make sure you make a detailed plan of your route, and bring those maps with you. Also, be extremely careful, because certain sections of your ride might have to go through motorways, and when you’re there, keep a special look on the road and incoming traffic.

4 – Wear the right equipment

You should put some cycling clothes if you’re going on a cycling trip. This clothes was designed to fir the cyclists, and although it looks a bit weird, it is the best clothes you can have for such an occasion. Also, you should put on all your safety equipment, such as your gloves and your helmet, in order to be safe. You can even mount a camera to your helmet, so you can watch your cycling performance later and evaluate it.

5 – Don’t go alone

It is never a good idea to take a long journey alone. Take a friend with you or a fellow cycling enthusiast, because it is always good to have some company. Besides, it is always good to have a helping hand around, no matter what kind of help you need.

weather-its6 – Weather can be harsh

Yes, weather can indeed be harsh, and especially in the summer, when the temperatures hit rocket hard. That is why it is always good to take an anti-heat kit with you, in which you’ll need to have some skin lotion (so the burning sun does not damage your skin), a towel, and a little battery-powered fan, to keep you cool. Also bring a lot of water with you, because you’ll probably be losing it through sweat.

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